Music & Worship


Each Sunday morning the worship services at Grace EFC are “unified” in musical style … classic hymns to contemporary worship music.


We seek to worship our Lord with authenticity. As stated by Dr. Harold Best,  Authentic worship is to be undertaken as an act of love, driven by faith, designed by hope, and saturated with Truth, whatever the content, context, time, place, style, or circumstance. Our corporate worship is acceptable and effective only to the extent that we are moment-by-moment living sacrifices, doing everything in the Spirit and according to truth, seeking out the beauty of holiness as our only path and our only walk, holding fast to God, who alone is our praise and our worship.

What we do in church says less about who our God is and how faithfully we serve Him (or Them, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), than what we do the rest of the week. But if we understand worship as a seamless garment, comprising all of faithful living, made startlingly new by the Lord Himself and brought to full strength by the Spirit, then 11:00 Sunday morning, or whatever "worship time" we choose, will be something splendidly different.

The Grace Orchestra

The Grace Orchestra is a volunteer, non-profit music ministry created to provide an avenue for the development of the highest artistic quality, musical richness, and spiritual expression through instrumental music. We exist to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Rehearsals:  Every Wednesday night from 8:00pm to 9:30pm, in late August to mid-May.
  • Performances: Once a month for Worship, up to two major concerts per year, either alone as an orchestra and/or accompanying major choral works.
  • Special Events: International outreach, when the Lord provides the opportunity, and other outreach when appropriate.
  • Style: Classical to Contemporary … mostly symphonic in nature.
  • Who: 9th Graders and older with the ability to play in at least 3 different keys. Younger advanced players may audition.

The Grace Chorale

The Grace Chorale is created to provide the highest artistic quality, spiritual content, and musical richness for worship, to minister in the community and around the world where musical doors are open, and to provide an example of musical excellence to the rest of the congregation’s music program and the greater church body.

  • Rehearsals: At least once per week – Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Late August to mid-May.
  • Performances: Sing once per month for worship, Present a major Christmas Production, and present a “Worship Experience” as often as is feasible.
  • Special Events: International outreach, when the Lord provides the opportunity, and other outreach when appropriate.
  • Style: Classical to Contemporary … well-crafted, challenging and beautiful.
  • Who: 9th Graders and older. To qualify you must breath, have a pulse, and be willing to show up. We tackle challenging music and have a lot of fun. We believe you will too.

GraceKids Choir     Policies

Open to 1st - 6th graders. The Grace Evangelical Free Church Children’s Choir program involves a number of components:

  • Singing! Students will learn to match pitches, learn to sing with freedom and learn to sing with proper breath support and posture. Quality music of many styles and from many different times in history will be performed.
  • Music education will be a strong component of this choir program. Children will learn to identify notes, rhythms, and other musical symbols. Harmony will be introduced.
  • Other instrumentation! Singers will have the opportunity to play rhythm instruments, chimes, etc. at different times throughout the year.
  • Praise and Worship! Students will be involved in worship and will be taught concepts of worship and the significance of praise. We will discuss why we worship, who we worship, when we worship, and attitudes appropriate to worship.
  • Musical Outreach! Whenever possible, we will take our music “on the road” as an outreach in our community, and as an opportunity to be witnesses outside our own walls.

True worship generates and welcomes true diversity (not because diversity is trendy) but because our worship is so cosmically boundless and so fundamentally simple that we have no choice but to reach for the thousand tongues, knowing that no single tongue, no single style, no single order of worship, no single anything, can begin to capture the glory and the grace of our Holy God.